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A Wiki index of Free's Twitter RP Adventures, served both in crack and in serious characterizations! We hope you enjoy diving into our pool of intense gay swimming and sparkling hot bodies! Besides this wiki, we are also found at FreeTweets Tumblr, which hosts a complete (and always updated!) list of the Free! RP Twitter accounts and the most mind-boggling, body-tingling tweets from the community!

In our Wiki, you'll find pages for the characters, jokes, and anything else that has been made around the Twitter Free RP community. 

Right now, the wiki is being edited and tweaked around by @actualfree_kou. If you would like to help her code and swim around the wiki, please don't hesitate to tweet/DM her! Thanks! <3

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Yo guys! Makotonaegi here (i know i'm in the wrong fandom but i'm just helping actualfree_kou out in admining your wikia site). Things that actualfree_kou did are now reverted back to it's previous state! The table is now ready for re-editing.

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